Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the Story View button in my post, what's the problem?

Make sure that you added the [ff_storyview] shortoce to your post and you saved the modifications.
If you see the [ff_storyview] instead of the normal button that means that the plugin doesn't work as it should. Try to reinstall it.

I accidentally disabled / deleted the plugin. Does it mean that all my Story Views have been removed as well?

No, the informations of your stories are stored in the postmeta datatable and disabling or removing the plugin doesn't affect them.

My stories look different on the frontend than in the dashboard. Why?

It is possible that there are some CSS rules in your theme that overwrite the ones that are defined for Story Views. Probably, you'll need the help of a developer to fix these problems.

I purchased the plugin but I realized I won't need it. Can I get a refund?

Sure, if you request a refund within 7 days to the purchase. Send me an email to with your refund request and the details of your purchase.

Do I have to buy the plugin again once a new version becomes available?

No. After you purchased the plugin, you'll get the updates for free.

How can I update the plugin?

When a new version of the plugin becomes available, you'll see a notification about it at the administration area of your WordPress site. Then, you can update it the same way you do with other plugins. Make sure you create a backup of your files and database before the update.
If you have any troubles during the update, feel free to get in touch.

Is there a free version?

No, the plugin is only available as a PRO version.

On how many sites can I use the plugin?

You are licensed to use the plugin to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a "single application"). If you want to use it on multiple sites, you'll have to purchase an other license for each site.

Can I modify the source of the plugin?

Yes, you can, but every time there is an update for the plugin, your modifications will be overwritten.

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