Everything businesses want to know about Google AMP Stories

What is the content format that is used by big media outlets like CNN or The Washington Post, provides a fast and easy content consumption for users, locks them in with powerful visual storytelling and can even improve your ranking in Google Search? Non-existent, you say? Think again!

Google launched the AMP stories in 2016, AMP meaning Accelerated Mobile Pages. With this feature, you can create content similar to Instagram Stories but while it mimics an app-like atmosphere for users, it’s actually your mobile website, and a very improved one of that.

We wrote about the advantages of the Story format in general, and why you should use it, but for now let’s focus on Google’s AMP story, what is it and why is it something brands and businesses have to consider as a format.

5 reasons why Google AMP story is the best content format for your business

  1. People love the story format ❤️: although the Story format was born in the house of Snapchat, Instagram nurtured it to the highest potential so far with 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day. (See more on the history of the format here.) The Story, that was born in 2013, is familiar for most of us, and the others can quickly adjust to tapping — as you can guess, if a format is still here 7 years later, among other things, it must be loved for being easy to use.
  2. Furiously fast 🏎️💨: an AMP story loads much faster than other traditional platforms. The Miami Herald even saw a 10% increase in time spent by users with their AMP content than spent on their native webpage. Google favours sites that load faster, as it improves bounce rates, and so it’s related to more time spent on the site and higher conversion rates, too.
  3. Owned by you 👊: AMP stories will keep your visitors off of social platforms and apps, while giving them a similar experience for consuming information. With these, you can land in a pretty good place among Google results (just keep reading), while search engines are not allowed to index your Instagram photos.
  4. Easy and pretty 🎀: when your AMP story ranks in Google, it won’t look like the regular results but a swipeable story that users can go through with a few steps and much satisfaction due to the visual-focused appearance. Upon Google’s query, Forrester Consulting, a leading global research and advisory firm, conducted a research where respondents considered the tappable story examples more visually appealing and easier to navigate than scrolling equivalents.
  5. SEO-boosting 📈: your site’s visibility will thank you for using AMP stories as they can be featured among the Google search engine results, in the so called “AMP carousel” section. That is located specifically above the first results. It cannot get any better than this, right? AMP stories can truly be the biggest SEO opportunity of the year.

So, where’s the trick, you ask?

Okay, there is one and again, there isn’t. You need coding knowledge to integrate AMP into your HTML source code and for it to come to life.

But aren’t you lucky that you found this article? Because the Story View WordPress plugin does not only help you create easily consumable and visually appealing stories from your blog posts but also lets you turn it into an AMP story with just a couple of clicks.

And with those couple of clicks, the line of benefits mentioned above immediately starts working for you. Get Story View today or learn more about the plugin.


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