Create story-like versions of your WordPress posts.
Now, with AMP Story support.

Generate leads, provide a better visual experience, improve your position on the search result page and more...

Story View brings the story content format to your WordPress website. With the help of it, you can generate leads through your stories. It’s built in AMP Story support can help you to get better results in search, and as this is a new format for your content, you can drive new and re-engage returning visitors of your site.

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Main features

Create stories and embed them to your posts

Add as many blocks to your stories as you want, choose one from the 6 available button designs or create your own to embed your story to your post, with a custom button text of your choice.

Generate leads with the help of custom story blocks

Custom story blocks makes it possible to embed shortcodes or custom HTML codes to your stories. This way, you can easily get new subscribers for your newsletter, or you can create a simple giveaway as well.

AMP Story support for better position is search

With the help of the built in AMP Story support, you can boost the appearance of your website in Google search.
All you need to do is enable the AMP version of your story, and upload some basic information.

Other features

  • Track your AMP Stories with Google Analytics
  • Display or hide story controller buttons
  • Set text position and aligment on the story boxes
  • Select one from 6 available font families
  • Select the font size from 5 available options
  • Use custom background and font colors for your text blocks
  • Change the order of your story blocks
Get the plugin for $19


Other use cases

  • Story, to share your favorite moments from a movie 🍿
  • Summarize the best beer 🍺 places in a story.
  • Display the steps of a training with the help of the story format.

It's up to you, how long the list is.

Get Story View for WordPress and start creating your stories today!

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If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via email at or on Twitter @feriforgacs