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4 ways Story View can help you grow

  • It provides a better visual experience for your visitors, especially for the ones who prefer the story format
  • It can help to improve your position on the search result page by keeping your visitors on your site. Let's say they find your article but it looks a bit longer than the one they are looking for. Without Story View, they'll probably go back to select another option from the search results. The time a visitor spends on your site before returning to the search page is something that affects your position. So the longer you can keep them on your site, the better.
  • As it is a new format, you can drive new visitors or re-engage old ones just by telling them that you provide content in a unique way
  • With the help of custom story blocks, you can generate leads via your stories (view demo)

Use it to display the main steps of a recipe 👩‍🍳
View demo

Girl with a dog in the bath

... to grow your database with a simple giveaway ...
View demo

Girl with a dog in the bath

... to share your top "cleaning" 🛁 tips
View demo

Man climbing a wall

... to summarize a sporting 💪 event
View demo

  • ... to share your favorite moments from a movie 🍿
  • ... to summarize the best beer 🍺 places
  • ...
It's up to you, how long the list is.

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Main features

  • Select one from the 6 available button styles or use your own design
  • Change the text on your Story View button (you can use emojis as well)
  • Add as many story blocks as you want
  • Add Classic Blocks to display text an images
  • Add Custom Blocks to embed custom HTML code or shortcodes (display forms, ads, videos, etc)
  • Set the text position and alignment on the story boxes
  • Select one from the 6 available font families
  • Select the font size from the 5 available options
  • Use one from the predefined text background and font colors
  • Change the order of your story blocks

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