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Stories on your WordPress site

Story View brings the story content format to your WordPress website.
With the help of its basic functions, you can create story-like versions of your posts to grow engagement.
The premium features make it possible to generate leads through your stories or boost your position in search with the built-in AMP Story support.
This new format can drive new visitors to your site and can help you to re-engage old ones.

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Main Features

Classic Story Blocks icon

Classic Story Blocks

With the help of Classic Story Blocks you can add image and text contet to your stories. You can change the position, the alignment, the background color, font family, and the color of your text.
You can also add some emojis to your content to make it more ✨ pop.

Custom Story Blocks icon

Custom Story Blocks

Custom Story Blocks make it possible to add extra functionality to your stories. You can use shortcodes to embed contact forms, HTML code to display subscription forms, or embed YouTube videos. You can also use it to display ads and 🤑 monteize your stories.

AMP Story Support icon

AMP Story Support

AMP Stories are a relatively new technology that you can use to boost your position in search. With the help of Story View you only need to add a few more things to your regular stories to create an ⚡ AMP Story.


Story View demo with custom blocks

Simple giveaway🎁 with custom blocks

View Demo
Story View demo with classic blocks - Recipe

Main steps of a recipe 👩‍🍳 as a story

View Demo
Story View demo with classic blocks - Cleaning tips

"Cleaning" 🛁 tips in a fun format

View Demo
Story View demo with classic blocks - Sporting event highlights

Sporting 💪 event highlights as a story

View Demo


Buy it once, use it as long as you want it.
One time purchase, no recurring fees.


No hidden fees


  • Create unlimited stories
  • Use Classic Blocks in your stories
  • Set text position and aligment in the story boxes
  • Select one from the 6 available font families
  • Use custom background and font colors for your text blocks
  • Use one from the 6 built-in button designs
  • Easily change the order of your story blocks

Pro $34.99 $19.99

One time purchase, no recurring fees

Features - Everything from Free, plus:

  • Use Custom Blocks to add extra functionality to your stories
  • Create AMP Stories
  • Display or hide story controller buttons
  • Social share features to drive more traffic to your website
  • Article recommendation on the end screen of your stories to increase the time spent on your site

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