Don't lose your short attention spanned visitors

Stories on your WordPress site

Story View brings the well known story content format to your WordPress website.
This new format can drive new visitors to your site and can help you to re-engage old ones.
With the help of its basic functions, you can create story-like versions of your posts to grow engagement.
The additional features make it possible to collect email addresses, or boost your position in search with the built-in AMP Story support.

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Main Features

Classic Story Blocks icon

Add short stories to your posts to grow engagement...

Classic Story Blocks make it possible to create a classic story like version of your post.
Besides, it's a mobile-first content format the advantage of stories that they make it easier to engage visitors with a short attention span. Users who don't like to read longer content will view the story format of it.

👉 How to create a classic story...
Custom Story Blocks icon

Collect emails, manage giveaways, grow your customers base...

Reconnecting with visitors who already viewed your content or product is really important for every content creator and marketer. Custom Story Blocks makes this easier by letting you embed almost any kind of HTML (subscription forms, links to social channels, YouTube videos, etc) to your stories.

👉 MailChimp form in your stories...
AMP Story Support icon

Drive more traffic and visitors to your website from search...

Google has its own version of the story format, it's called AMP Stories. It's a relatively new technology that you can use to boost your position in search and drive more traffic to your website and Story View can help you with that as well.

👉 How to create an AMP Story...

4 reasons the ⚡ Story format is so popular and why you should use it too 👉 Learn more 👈


Story View demo with custom blocks

Simple giveaway🎁 with custom blocks

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Story View demo with classic blocks - Recipe

Main steps of a recipe 👩‍🍳 as a story

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Story View demo with classic blocks - Cleaning tips

"Cleaning" 🛁 tips in a fun format

View Demo
Story View demo with classic blocks - Sporting event highlights

Sporting 💪 event highlights as a story

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